April Wrap-Up

Hey bookworms,
was the month of April stressful for you as it was for me? I don’t know what exactly happened but it seemed like I had barely time to work on the blog.

Work was crazy in the past four weeks and I worked overtime a lot. On the plus side, I get to take a free day here and there once I have enough hours. 😉
I also attended an in-house training for four days. I am now a TÜV certified CE Officer. 😉

But before I bore you with more work related stuff, let’s talk about bookish stuff. Even though I didn’t have much time to work on the blog and write many new reviews, I managed to read quite a few books. I’m so proud of myself because most of the books I read were from my unread Kindle list. The dent I made is only small but it’s a dent nonethless.

And without further ado, here are the reviews I uploaded in April:

At the beginning of April I also attended my very first reading event and book signing at a local book store. I met German authors Bianca Iosivoni, Laura Kneidl, and Ava Reed. Click here to read my German blog post about the event.

A few days prior to the reading event and book signing, I met up with a few bookstagram girls. Check out my German blog post about my days here.

I don’t know how many of you know but I will attend the RARE event in London this September. I will attend with my friend and book blogger Julia, whom I met a couple years ago through bookstagram. September is not so far away anymore, there are only a 150 days left. Check out my blog post about the upcoming event here. And don’t forget to check out Julia’s post here.

May will be a great month: we have a few holidays over here in Germany (reading time!), my brother will visit me at the end of the month (adventure time!), and I will finally see the Backstreet Boys live again (fangirl time!)!! Let’s see how much time I have to read and review my books but you can definitely expect the reviews of the following books:

  • Travis & Viola: Checkmate Duet – Kennedy Fox
  • Drew & Courtney: Checkmate Duet – Kennedy Fox
  • Logan & Kayla: Checkmate Duet – Kennedy Fox
  • Well Suited – Staci Hart
  • A Matter of Will – Adam Mitzner

What books are you going to read in May?

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